Current Events (As of 15 DEC 20)

This is a fairly common introduction to an Army promotion board or a Solider of the month board. Typically the president of the board will ask you to tell him or her about some current events going on in the world of military significance. Current events Army board questions are difficult to draw up because they can take so many forms. Because of this, the best policy is to know 3-5 major world events to answer this Army board question.

Vanessa Guillen Case – The Army lost a Soldier at Fort Hood and an independent review committee found major deficiencies with the Army’s SHARP program as designed, the culture at Ft Hood, and the policies to search for FTR Soldiers. Find out more here.

2020 Election – President Trump continues to insist that he won the election and has refused to concede to President-Elect Joe Biden. This is unprecedented in American history at the presidential level. More information can be found here.

COVID-19 Pandemic – The COVID-19 pandemic is worsening in terms of overall cases, but improving with a much better (lower) mortality rate than peer nations and during the first wave in March. In addition, a number of drug companies have tested seemingly very successful vaccines. More information can be found here.

New Army PT Test. The Army is transitioning to a new PT test. We will replace the APFT with the gender neutral Army Combat Fitness test. More information can be found here.

Army Removes DA Photo Requirement for Promotion – In an effort to combat perceived inequality or unconscious bias, promotion boards will no longer view a candidate’s DA photo. More information can be found here.

Obviously there are many more answers than those above. However, the current events Army promotion board questions are designed to ensure that the leader is well rounded. The president likely does not care which current events you list when answering this Army board question, but rather that you follow world events and are able to speak intelligently upon them.

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