AR 27-10 Military Justice


A link to AR 27-10 can be found here.

1) What does UCMJ stand for?

A: The Uniform Code of Military Justice

2) What does MCM stand for?

A: Manual for Courts Martial

3) What does SCM stand for?

A: Summary Courts Martial

4) What does GCM stand for?

A: General Court Martial

5) What article in the UCMJ covers nonjudicial punishment?

A: Article 15

6) What are the three types of nonjudicial punishment (Article 15)?

A: 1. Summarized

2. Company grade

3. Field grade

7) How long after an incident can a company commander impose nonjudicial punishment?

A: Not more than 2 years from the date of the incident

8) How many articles are in the UCMJ?

A: 146 articles with 12 sub-articles

9)What is the maximum punishment for a Summary Article 15?

A: 1. Extra duties for 14 days.

2.  Restriction for 14 days.

3. Oral reprimand or admonition.

10) What form is used for Article 15s?

A: DA form 2627

11) What are the rights given to soldiers under Article 31?

A: The right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, the right to a trial

12) What is the maximum punishment for a Company grade Article 15?

A: 1. 7 days correctional custody (PFC and below)

2. Restriction for 14 days.

3. Extra duties for 14 days.

4. Reduction in grade by 1 (E-4 and below)

5. Forfeiture of 7 days pay.

13) What is the year the UCMJ became law?

A: 1951

14) What is the maximum punishment for a Field Grade Article 15?

A: 1. Correctional custody of 30 days (PFC and below).

2. Restriction for 60 days.

3. 30 days arrest in quarters

4. Extra duties for 45 days.

5. 1 or more grades for E-4 and below, 1 grade for E-5,6

6. Forfeiture of 1/2 month’s pay for 2 months

15) What are the three types of court martial?

A: Summary, special, and general

16) What is the highest military court?

A: The court of military appeals

17) What are articles 77 – 134 known as?

A: Punitive articles

18) Who may impose an Article 15?

A: Any commanding officer

19) Who may impose a Field grade Article 15?

A: Any 0-4 or above

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