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This website is a preparation guide for Army Soldier of the Month, NCO of the Month, and promotion boards. There is a substantial, relevant sampling of Army promotion board questions. Since the promotion board and competitive boards share many similarities, most questions experience significant overlap. Thus, there is also a plethora of Soldier of the Month board questions and NCO of the Month board questions.

Army promotion board questions need to be relevant and up to date. Our goal is be the most updated Army Board Study Guide on the internet. Many other Army board resources are out of date so please ensure you are studying recent material!

Army Soldier of the Month and NCO of the Month board should never be purchased from a book. 1) There are plenty of FREE resources on the internet and 2) how is a book being updated?

Please move around the website and enjoy our sample Army board questions. Our practice Army board questions are perfect for Soldier/NCO of the month and promotion boards. Our site is designed to be the perfect Army Promotion Board Study Guide!

If you have any suggestions for Army board questions, please message us. We want to hear from your experience so that ALL Soldiers can benefit. Lastly, if you found this site useful, please share it with your battle buddies. If you did not find it useful, or thought of something that could make it more helpful, please message us with your feedback.

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