AR 623-3 Evaluation Reporting System

A link to AR 623-3 can be found here.

1) What does AR 623-3 cover?

A: Evaluation standards for all ranks, Officers, Warrant Officers, and enlisted Soldiers

2) What is a DA Form 2166-8?


3) What is a DA Form 2166-8-1?

A: NCOER Counseling and Support Form

4) What is the DA Form 1059?

A: Service School Academic Evaluation Report

5) What will the NCOER rating chain consist of?

A: will consist of the rated NCO, the rater, the senior rater, and the reviewer

6) What is the primary reference for procedural guidance on preparing evaluation reports?

A: DA Pam 623–3

7) What are the different types of NCOER’s?

A: 1. Change of Rater 2. Annual 3. Extended Annual 4. Change of Duty 5. Depart Temporary Duty, Special Duty, or Temporary Change of Station 6. Temporary Duty, Special Duty, or Temporary Change of Station 7. Relief for Cause 8. Complete the Record 9. Senior Rater Option

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