FM 7-22 Physical Readiness Training (PRT)

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1) What does PRT stand for?

A:Physical Readiness Training

2) What FM covers Physical Readiness Training (PRT)?

A: FM 7-22

3) What does C-METL stand for?

A: Core Mission Essential Task List

4) What does D-METL stand for?

A: Direct Mission Essential Task List

5) What does WTBD stand for?

A: Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills

6) What is the principle that all Army training is based on?

A: “Train as you will fight”

7) What is the objective of PRT?

A: To develop Soldiers’ physical capabilities to perform their duty assignments and combat roles in accordance with their units’ METL

8) What fundamental skills to PRT activities include?

A: Fundamental skills such as climbing, crawling, jumping, landing, and sprinting, because all contribute to success in the more complex skills of obstacle
negotiation, combatives, and military movement

9) What are the critical/fundamental components of physical conditioning?

A: Strength, endurance, and mobility

*HINT* Associate the word components with the acronym MES

10) What are the three training phases of PRT?

A: Initial, toughening, and sustaining

*HINT* Associate training phases with the acronym ITS

11) What is reconditioning?

A: A PRT phase with the goal of restoring Soldiers’ physical fitness levels that enable them to safely progress to their previous level of physical conditioning

12) What principles does PRT follow?

A: Precision, progression, and integration

*HINT* Associate principles with the acronym PIP

13) What are the three types of PRT activities?

A: On-ground, off-ground, and combatives

14) What is strength?

A: The ability to overcome resistance

15) What is endurance?

A: The ability to sustain activity

16) What is aerobic?

A: Low-intensity activity for a long duration

*HINT* Associate the phonetic “air” in aerobic, with light activity for a long duration

17) What is anaerobic?

A: High-intensity activity for a short duration

*HINT* Associate “an” in anaerobic with anabolic steroids; steroids = high intensity for short duration

18) What is mobility?

A: The functional application of strength and endurance

19) Who should be able to explain and demonstrate all PRT activities?

A: Officers, NCOs, and PRT leaders

20) What are the authorized exercises for corrective action?

A: 1. Rower

2. Squat Bender

3. Windmill

4. Prone row

5. Push up

6. V-up

7. Leg tuck and twist

8. Supine bicycle

9. Swimmer

10. Eight count push up

21) What elements does a PRT session consist of?

A: Preparation, activities, and recovery

*HINT* Associate elements and session with the acronym PAR
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