AR 600-20 CH 6 Army EO (Equal Opportunity) Program


A link to AR 600-20 can be found here.

How many gay Soldiers are there?

1) What is the purpose of the EO program?

A: EO Program formulates, directs, and sustains a comprehensive effort to maximize human potential and to ensure fair treatment for all persons based solely on merit, fitness, and capability in support of readiness

2) What is discrimination?

A: Any action that unlawfully or unjustly results in unequal treatment of persons or groups based on race, color, gender, national origin or religion

3) What is an EOA, EOL, EOR?

A: Equal Opportunity – Advisor (BDE and higher), Leader, Representative (company and BN)

4) What is the Army’s EO/Sexual Harassment Assistance Line number?

A: 1–800–267–9964

5) What regulation governs the investigations of EO Complaints?

A: AR 15-6

6) What are the two types of EO Complaints?

A: Formal and Informal

7) What is an Informal Complaint?

A: any complaint that a Soldier or Family member does not wish to file in writing

8) What are Channels that a person can use to file a formal complaint?

A: 1. Someone in a higher echelon of the complainant’s chain of command

2. Inspector General

3. Chaplain (Confidential)

4. Provost marshal

5. Medical agency personnel

6. Staff judge advocate

7. Chief, Community Housing Referral and Relocation Services Office

9) What is a Formal Complaint?

A: a complainant files in writing and swears to the accuracy of the information and Formal complaints require specific actions, are subject to timelines, and require documentation of the actions taken

10) What is the form used to file a Formal Complaint?

A: DA Form 7279 (Equal Opportunity Complaint Form)

11) How long do Soldiers have to file a Formal Complaint?

A: 60 days from the incident

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