The Total Army Sponsorship Program (AR 600-8-8)

  1. What form does the sponsor fill out?
    1. DA form 5434
  1. What sections do the sponsored fill out?
  • 3c
  1. What are the general rules for appointing a sponsor?
  • Grade equal to or higher ranking than the incoming soldier.
  • Same sex (gender) as the soldier
  • Familiar with the unit or activity and community.
  1. How many days after notification does the sponsor have to contact the incoming Soldier?
  • 10 days
  1. According to regulation, what Soldiers are mandated to have a sponsor?
  • First term soldiers
  1. What is the purpose of the Total Army Sponsorship Program?
  • To help commanders exercise their basic responsibility to assist Soldiers, civilian employees, and families successfully relocate into and out of their commands.

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