AR 600-20 CH 7 Army SHARP Program

A link to AR 600-20 can be found here.

How would you answer Why is SHARP important?.

**Know your SHARP rep, Unit VA, the DoD Safe Helpline (877) 995-5247. Use this information in your answers! The board members come from YOUR organization, personalize your answers whenever possible.

1) What does SHARP stand for?

A: Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention

2) What is the Army’s slogan for the SHARP campaign?

A: I AM Strong.

3) What does I AM stand for?

A: Intervene, Act, Motivate

4) What does POSH stand for?

A: Prevention of Sexual Harassment

5) What is the Army’s Policy on Sexual Harassment?

A: It is unacceptable conduct and  will not be tolerated

6) What are the results of Sexual Harassment?

A: Sexual harassment destroys teamwork and negatively affects combat readiness

7) What is Sexual Harassment?

A: Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination that involves unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature between the same or opposite genders

8) What are the different categories of Sexual Harassment?

A: 1. Verbal 2. Non-Verbal 3. Physical Contact

9) What are the Types of Sexual Harassment?

A: 1. Quid pro quo (this for that) 2. Hostile environment

10) What are the five techniques of dealing with Sexual Harassment?

A: 1. Direct approach 2. Indirect approach 3. Third party 4. Chain of command 5. Filing a formal complaint

11) What is the Army’s definition of Sexual assault?

A: a crime defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical threat or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent

12) What are the three echelons of sexual assault victim advocates (VAs) in a Garrison Environment?

A: 1. The installation sexual assault response coordinator (SARC) 2. Installation victim advocates (IVA) 3. Unit victim advocates (UVAs)

13) What are the two types of reporting of Sexual Assault?

A: 1. Restricted and Unrestricted

14) What is Restricted reporting?

A: Restricted reporting allows a Soldier who is a sexual assault victim, on a confidential basis, to disclose the details of his/her assault to specifically identified individuals and receive medical treatment and counseling, without triggering the official investigative process

15) What is Unrestricted reporting?

A: Unrestricted reporting allows a Soldier who is sexually assaulted and desires medical treatment, counseling, and an official investigation of his/her allegation to use current reporting channels (for example, the chain of command or law enforcement), or he/she may report the incident to the SARC or the on-call VA

16) Who can a Soldier report a Sexual Assault to if they want to keep it restricted?

A: the SARC, a VA, or a healthcare provider, a chaplain. A Soldier may also inform a friend or family member and still file a restricted report, as long as the information is not forwarded to the victim’s chain of command or law enforcement.

17) Who can a Soldier report a Sexual Assault to if they want it to be Unrestricted?

A: chain of command, law enforcement or report the incident to the SARC

18) What form is used to submit a Sexual Harassment Complaint?

A: DA Form 7746

19) What is a DD Form 2910?

A: Department of Defense form called Victim Reporting Preference Statement that allows supporting personnel to counsel a victim, inform them of their options, and the victim to elect their desired report.

20) What is retaliation?

A: Wrongfully taking or threatening to take adverse personnel action, or withholding or threatening to withhold favorable personnel action against a person who reports or plans to report an offense.

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