3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard)

1) Who are the Medal of Honor recipients from The Old Guard?

A: SGT Fegan, CPL Folland, CPL Herron, PVT Burkard

2) What is the cockade?

A: An infantry officer’s cocked hat of 1784 with plume and was adopted unofficially by the regiment in 1924 and officially in 1959 as the distinctive unit insignia.

3) What is the history of the buff strap?

A: When the unit was under the command of General Anthony Wayne from 1792-1796, special uniform markings were buff piping and black plumes. Because of this, the regimental colors became buff and black. Soldiers, proud of their service in the unit, wove buff rawhide in their black knapsack straps to show their service. It was approved for wear in 1922.

4) What is the Chapultepec stick?

A: A baton made from the flagstaff of the Capitol building in the City of Mexico. It is currently located at Regimental HQ.

5) What is the official Regimental motto?

A: Noli Me Tangere = “Touch Me Not”; It is a holdover from the Revolutionary War Army’s Motto

6) Describe symbolism on the coat of arms.

A:                      army.mil-34026-2009-03-31-140320.jpg

The infantry officer’s cocked hat with plume from 1784.

The infantry officer’s azure ceremonial belt.

The date of the regiment’s founding (3 JUN 1784).

The Regimental motto, NOLI ME TANGERE (TOUCH ME NOT).

A triangular civil war era bayonet.

The Chapultepec stick (a baton made from the flagstaff of the Capitol building in the City of Mexico).

3 White Maltese Crosses, which represent Civil War service in Sykes’ division. The white maltese cross was the insignia for Sykes’ division and 3 is in homage to the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment.

Inside the shield: Red, White, and Green colors which represents the flag of Mexico and the Regiment’s service in it. The hill, which represents Telegrafo Hill at Cerro Gordo where the Regiment made its famous bayonet charge. The citadel, which represents citadels assaulted successfully at Chapultepec and Chursubusco.

7) Who is buried at Summerall field?

A: Blackjack, the horse which was the lead rider for President Kennedy’s funeral

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